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Yo! It’s Rei Rei, thank you so much for visiting my website! Now, before you explore my blogs, videos and services, I’m sure you’re wondering who I am and what I do so, let’s start there.

I was born and raised in Liverpool, England. My birth name is Craig, but I go by the pen name of Rei Rei now (the reason is secret). My passions are transformation, alternative healing modalities through meditation, writing, drawing, video games (I work for Sony Playstation as my day job), manga and anime, Japanese and Indian culture, Travelling, Spirituality, Astrology, Yoga, Cetacean life and many other things.

At first, this website was called Divine Consciousness, it was where I only posted my spiritual blogs, but as of Feb 19 2020, I’ve decided to spice things up a little; yeah boi!

On this site, you’ll not only find some enlightening, thought-provoking insights on how to transform your life but I’ll also be posting about some of the video games, tv shows that I find inspiring. I’ve never been the type of person who climbs on a pedestal and tells others how to live their lives, even if that’s how I come across in my first published book, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind. 

I believe the greatest teachers are great stories, and that’s why I love games such as Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Star Ocean and so on as they contain wonderful messages that have surely influenced my thinking subconsciously over the years.

I’m pretty open to the fact that I used to be a drug addict. I’m 33 at the moment and have been clean for ten years now thanks to the grace of the divine that touched my heart on a cold winter night in January 2010. One aspect of my passion is to assist others who were in the same dark hole that I dug myself into─but if I can climb out, then anyone else can.

The following morning after that amazingly transformational experience, I had a clear determination to connect to the divine on a regular basis and I have been doing ever since through various forms of meditation and creative muse. My journey over the last ten years is summarised in my book, The Labyrinth. I’ve been through the process of shedding my limiting beliefs and realigning with the integrity of my soul. I don’t want to come across as too serious, however; I believe my main gift is the ability to remain childlike while maintaining the structure and insight of a mature adult. This is what I ultimately hope to teach you all through my blogs, videos, and courses which are on the way.

The next book I’m working on is a Sci-fi novel based in the Sirius star system. Stay tuned for more information; this is the only place you’ll be able to hear the progress on my story as I aim to get it published this year. My desire is to teach through my characters, who I love so much─I can’t wait to share them with you all.

There is a badass in you, waiting to be embodied. I’m simply a beacon of light, standing upon the shores of your truth─signalling you to come home. Will you heed the call? Teachers, coaches, guru’s, masters, can’t really change anyone─your willingness is a key ingredient as transformation is ultimately a decision: if you’re truly ready, I’ll be more than happy to take you on an adventure of a lifetime─just bring snacks.

─Rei Rei